In the News

"Virtual K12 staffing implemented in Virginia district" – Ariana Fine, District Administration

"Solving the teacher shortage in special ed via the web" – Kimberly Beltran, Cabinet Report

"A New Way to Study Abroad" – Kathy Boccella, The Philadelphia Inquirer

"World Languages Arrive Online in Schools" – John Pesce, School Administrator

"Students at Winthrop School Learn Mandarin Chinese " – , Brigdeport Public Schools Great News

"Mandarin Lessons Transmitted Live from Beijing" – Maggie Gordon,, The Stamford Advocate

"How to say ‘What do we owe?’ in Mandarin" – James Krohe Jr., Illinois Times

"Language study can be passport to the world" – Janet Heim, The Herald-Mail

"Learning Chinese on an e-Learning Platform" – , Eastern Suffolk October 2010 newsletter

"District planning middle school cyber program" – Hilary Bentman, Intelligencer

"Mandarin Chinese Made Personal" – Mary Johnson Patt,

"Austin startup uses Web to teach Chinese" – Lori Hawkins, American-Statesman

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